We Love You, Carrie August 5, 2009

Carrie Fisher and Chewbacca Get Serious Here I thought this move was just for ironic Wellesley girls who have had a bit too much to drink, but what do you know. For those of you who love C. Fish and the rest of the gang as much as I do, a goldmine of rare Star Wars photos awaits. As the poster points out,

The world would be a different place today if it weren’t for Star Wars. People wouldn’t walk around all day making Chewbacca noises for no apparent reason, the U.S. government wouldn’t secretly be in the process of making lightsabers and America’s first Death Star a reality and most people would still be afraid to make out with their sister. It would also be impossible for people to use the force and take people’s clothes off with their minds.

Truth. Keep it real, and may the Force be with you. (more…)

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Apatow, our love is over August 2, 2009

Does this make you laugh?I would have written last night about what a horrible disappointment Funny People was, but it gave me such a headache I had to turn in immediately afterwards. Tossing and turning in bed, I was wracked with frustration over what a shitty film I’d sat through for two-and-a-half hours, one-and-a-half of which I wanted to get up and leave. Contrary to what its previews boast (Judd Apatow, Adam Sandler joining the Apatow Gang, a story of discovering life’s meaning, hilarity ensuing, and did we mention Judd Apatow?), this was a slow ride through moviegoer hell, designed to alienate any and all demographics. Considering that Apatow gems like Superbad are known for bringing nearly unanimous enjoyment, this is a huge, complete, and utter failure. (more…)

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