Is “tolerance” enough for Tel Aviv? August 8, 2009

Photo: APLast week saw the tragic shooting of members of Tel Aviv’s gay youth center, bringing on a period of mourning and sympathy throughout Israel. Previous to this tragedy, Tel Aviv had been seen as “the iconic big city into which anybody can integrate, or at least be tolerated.” Since Saturday, orthodox parties and MKs were quick to release statements condemning the murder, despite their disagreements over the gay community’s rights. Where Shas party leader Eli Yishay has referred to gays as “sick,” “perverse,” and “filth” in the past, one of their spokespeople has been quick to condemn the “murderous crime against the gay community.” However, political backtracking to cater to the hurt and mourning of the populace isn’t the same as a change of heart. And unlike what the above quote about Tel Aviv suggests, being “tolerated” isn’t the same as being accepted or supported. (more…)

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